SwiftTX payments confirm in a second.
Private, untraceable
Transact privately using the Zerocoin protocol and Tor.
Anybody with a computer can stake to earn money and contribute to running the blockchain.
Low fees
Send money globally for less than a cent.
As of now, maximum transactions per second roughly 40 times more than Bitcoin.
Bitcoin 2 uses the latest thoroughly tested Proof of Stake algorithm. Greatly reducing electricity use compared to Bitcoin.
Comparison Chart
Bitcoin 2
Bitcoin Cash
Maximum Supply
21 million
21 million
21 million
18.9 million
Quark PoS
SHA256 PoW
SHA256 PoW
X11 PoW
Block Interval
1 minute
10 minutes
10 minutes
2.5 minutes
Max TX/day
~20 million
~0.5 million
~4 million
~4 million
Yes, Zerocoin
PrivateSend - Has privacy issues
Instant TX
Budget Tax
10% of block rewards
In-wallet BIP38 Encryption
Yes (private key)
Yes, 2 million Dash
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Bitcoin 2 Core Wallets

Coming soon! Will be available once the main net launches in late February or in March.

Bitcoin 2 Road Map for 2018: Q1: Wallets, exchanges. Q2: Mobile wallets. Q3: Decentralized exchange. Q4: I2P Network, Dandelion Protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending the old Bitcoins can be more expensive than wire transfers and slow compared to other crypto currencies. The transactions are also trackable. With all the fighting about what to implement going on, major improvements to Bitcoin come slowly if at all.

Thus Bitcoin 2 had to be born. Bitcoin 2 solves those problems and is also fast enough to be accepted as a payment method by retail shops and grocery stores due to the SwiftTX feature.
Yes, a Bitcoin transaction is not valid in the Bitcoin 2 blockchain and vice versa due to the differences between the transaction formats and the blockchains.
If you owned Bitcoins on block number 507850, ~February 6 and your Bitcoins were not at an exchange, then just download and install the Bitcoin 2 Core Wallet.

You can then either import your Bitcoin private keys (Click tools -> debug console. Type: importprivkey your private key -> press enter) or copy your Bitcoin wallet.dat file to where the Bitcoin 2 Core Wallet is installed in order to claim your Bitcoin 2s.

If you are worried about the safety of doing so, you can: First move your BTC to a new address, then use the private key from the "old" address (which now has 0 BTC and thus cannot be stolen) to claim your BTC2.

If your Bitcoins were at, see this tutorial on how to get private keys from

If your Bitcoins were at an exchange, then ask your exchange to list Bitcoin 2 and credit you the balance.
Just download and install the Bitcoin 2 Core Wallet and import your Bitcoin 2s there. Then all you have to do is keep the application running.
Everybody using the Bitcoin 2 Core wallet or leaving it on helps run the blockchain all the while earning Bitcoin 2s.

A staker who creates a valid block gets rewarded 0.6 Bitcoin 2s until the maximum supply has been reached. The staker also gets the transaction fees for that block.

The more Bitcoin 2s you have in your Bitcoin 2 wallet, the higher the chances that you will be the one to get the block reward. Only a minority of the coins in circulation are being staked at any given time so you do not need to own a lot of Bitcoin 2s to be able to get block rewards.
No more than Bitcoin. The number of Bitcoin 2s in circulation will only increase by about 2% per year until the maximum number is reached.

After that point the number of Bitcoin 2s in circulation will never increase again, making Bitcoin 2 a much better store of value than any fiat currency.

At the current rate, in 10 years there will be almost double the amount of US dollars in circulation! This is why investing in gold or Bitcoin is so popular.
Bitcoin2 Core developers alongside with any new contributors will work on: Mobile wallets for Bitcoin 2, an in-wallet Decentralized Exchange and continue to implement any further important advances in cryptocurrency technology such as the Dandelion Protocol.

Anyone interested in developing Bitcoin 2 further can contribute to the Bitcoin 2 github.
Bitcoin 2 block explorer is built-in the wallet software. No need to trust a website to browse accurate blockchain data.

However, this website will host or link to a blockchain explorer that can be viewed in a web browser in the near future.
It works just like the "InstantSend" feature in Dash. When a user chooses to send a transaction as a SwiftTX, the transaction will be sent to Masternodes to process and it gets verified and guaranteed by them almost instantly.

Thus there is no need to wait for the transaction to appear in a confirmed block. This type of payment is made for Point of Sale situations in the real world.
They process and guarantee the SwiftTX transactions along with adding to the security of the network.

The Masternode at the head of the queue gets rewarded 0.2 Bitcoin 2s on every newly created block (25% of the total block reward), regardless of who created the block. They will also be an integral part of the in-wallet decentralized exchange and they will get the exchange fees.
You will need to have 1000 Bitcoin 2s as collateral and run a dedicated server or a VPS with a static IP address. Detailed instructions will be released before launch.
Bitcoin 2 will be represented by a few different ticker symbols depending on the service. BTC2 is the recommended ticker. BCT is the alternative ticker that is used to meet the International Standard for currency codes (ISO 4217).