SwiftTX transactions are confirmed in less than a second.
Private, untraceable
Transact privately - zBTC2 and Tor.
Anybody with a computer can stake to earn money and contribute to running the blockchain.
Energy efficient
Bitcoin 2 uses a unique, secure Proof of Stake algorithm. Greatly reducing electricity use compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Low fees
Send money globally for less than a cent.
Max transactions per second 40 times more than Bitcoin.
Comparison Chart Bitcoin 2 Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash
Maximum Supply 21 million 21 million 21 million 18.9 million
Algorithm PoS SHA256 PoW SHA256 PoW X11 PoW
Block Interval 1 minute 10 minutes 10 minutes 2.5 minutes
Max TX/day ~20 million ~0.5 million ~16 million ~4 million
Privacy Yes, zBTC2 No No CoinJoin
Instant TX Yes No No Yes
Masternode Yield 17.64% No No ~6%
Staking Yield 8.12% No No No
Budget Tax No No No 10% of block rewards
In-wallet BIP38 Encryption Yes (private key) No No No
Premine No No No Yes, 2 million Dash

Bitcoin 2 Core Wallets - v.2.3.1b

64-bit exe | zip

Exchange BTC2

You can buy or sell BTC2 in any of the below exchanges.

Buy or Sell Bitcoin 2 for USDT at
Exchange Euros or CHF with BTC2

Trade BTC2/BTC at Stakecube.

Buy or Sell Bitcoin 2 for USDT at Bololex.

Current Annual Yield

Masternode: 17.64% [How?]

Staking BTC2: 8.12%
- For example 688 BTC2 yields ~1 reward per day.
- Unstake fast anytime (by simply sending the coins elsewhere).
- Updated daily at around 7 pm UTC. [How?]

Road Map - Currently working on:

Revamp zBTC2's Privacy Protocol

Atomic Swap support

Deterministic masternodes

Deterministic wallets with seed passphrase recovery

New core wallet interface supporting higher resolutions and dark mode.

SwiftTX Upgrade

Hardware wallet support

Grow the BTC2 Community and Adoption

Bitcoin 2 Road Map for 2021: Revamped privacy protocol, deterministic masternodes...