Bitcoin 2 Fiat Gateway

Our web wallet has a fiat gateway that lets you easily buy BTC2 with Euros or Swiss Francs with a bank transfer, or to sell them and send the proceeds to your bank account.

Once you have bought BTC2 using the Fiat Gateway, you can then send it anywhere with the web wallet if you do not wish to continue using the web wallet beyond the Fiat Gateway transaction.

There is no KYC but you will need to input your name and address in a form as it is recorded on your bank account because it will be used by Bity to process the transaction.

The service is aimed for EU, Swiss and UK bank account users (SEPA) and it is not available to be used with a bank account in an address in one of the countries where Bity requires KYC nor USA.

Estimate BTC2 Conversions

Type an amount and click buy or sell to get an estimate.

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