Bitcoin 2 Web Wallet

This is a staking web wallet so do not login with a key that is used on your computer already for staking.
You may request a new address below and then copy paste and store the private key on your device.


Terms of Use and Description's Web Wallet is just an interface to transact on the Bitcoin 2 blockchain.

Staking is turned on. Logging out or closing your web browser will not interrupt staking. The higher your balance, the higher the chance of staking rewards. When your coins are successfully being staked and you're about to be rewarded, your coins may be locked for 100 blocks (usually over 1 hour and 40 minutes) after they are used successfully to create a block on the Bitcoin 2 blockchain. You then get 0.6 BTC2 + the transactions fees for that block as a reward for staking. After you get a confirmed block reward with this Web Wallet, 0.2 BTC2 is deducted eventually and sent automatically to This is for two reasons: To ensure that people who seriously want to stake their BTC2 would actually contribute to the Bitcoin 2 blockchain and decentralization by running the Bitcoin 2 Core Wallet on their computers instead of using this Web Wallet, and to help cover's costs for providing this service. If you can, run the Bitcoin 2 Core wallet on your computer instead to get the full staking rewards.

Users can import up to 20 private keys and create up to 9 new BTC2 addresses with the Web Wallet. If you need more BTC2 addresses or wish to use the private zBTC2 (Zerocoin) functionality, please use the Bitcoin 2 Core software instead. maintains the Web Wallet on a best effort basis. is not liable for any losses you may incur by using anything on the website, such as this Web Wallet. may at anytime modify this Web Wallet or anything on this website and these terms of use without notice. By using this service or by clicking the Login button or the New Address button on this page, you agree to these terms of use.