Bitcoin 2 Staking Web Wallet


Terms of Use and Description's Web Wallet is an interface to transact on the Bitcoin 2 blockchain.

The private key for the Web Wallet is held by you. This allows you to import your funds into another Bitcoin 2 wallet.

Web Wallet is auto-staking. Logging out or closing your web browser will not interrupt staking. Higher balances receive more frequent staking rewards. When you're about to receive a staking reward, your coins may be locked for 100 blocks (~1 hour and 40 minutes). You then get 2/3 of the staking reward + the transactions fees for that block as a reward for staking. Other than those occasional short periods of time, you can spend your coins at anytime.

1/3 of the web wallet staking rewards go automatically to This is for two reasons: To motivate people who seriously want to stake their BTC2 to actually contribute to the Bitcoin 2 blockchain and decentralization by running the Bitcoin 2 Core Wallet on their computers to get the full rewards instead of using this Web Wallet, and to help cover's costs for providing this service. maintains the Web Wallet on a best effort basis. is not liable for any losses you may incur by using anything on the website, such as this Web Wallet. However, will provide a full refund in BTC2 of any losses of BTC2 from this Web Wallet in case of a general security breach affecting many users of this Web Wallet.

This Web Wallet, this website and these Terms of Use may be modified anytime without notice. When logging in to the Web Wallet, a cookie is created for the session. This cookie is only used to enable you to login and access this interface. By using this service or by clicking the Login button or the Create New Address button on this page, you agree to these Terms of Use.