Bitcoin 2 Xmas Gifts for 2019

We have a couple of cryptocurrency gifts for the fastest people to claim with our Web Wallet if you manage to guess and login with the right BTC2 private key and send it to another address of yours.

3 BTC2 at public address: 1CgvapHAyrGDThiTZiUMQd42PhtsZpNKCD.
Private key: L5dXrMRBCKGQdDABgEPJt5Zz3Z2pqjPmQgiPNymW9acDmscCKGH (Last character is missing and you have to guess it. Status: Claimed already.)
5 BTC2 at public address: 171fR8Zu342nPYvp6eGfaaMycc6vJbLCPP.
Private key: KzEbrr6b7QHApKWzS3yM8XZ6vvjY8v4TzzDy3S46ksULSG3ccC
(The last 2 letters are missing, you have to guess them both correctly. The first missing letter is uppercase and the last one is lowercase. Status: Claimed already.)